Future Regrets – review

Future Regrets

Seeing Double, Live Theatre, Newcastle


Published on Friday 15 October 2010 16:32

SEEING Double is an apt title for this production – a double bill of two new plays, which were a collaboration between Live Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).

Two playwrights were asked to write a 45-minute piece to be performed together by members of the RSC ensemble.

After a couple of workshops and a few days’ rehearsal, Seeing Double was unleashed on the Live Theatre audience, albeit in draft form.

First up was Reality, written by Ali Muriel, which centres around political researcher Jeremy Gates.

The college professor is arrested after uncovering Government secrets – or has he?

James Howard takes centre stage as Jeremy and plays the, possibly, mad professor with just the right mix of paranoia and passion for his discovery.

His character stole the show, but James Traherne as the questioning officer and Karen Traynor as the mysterious Blake also stood out.

Future Regrets was up next – written by Rosalind Wyllie, it tells the tale of newly married Alex and Lara, honeymooning in Venice.

The trip is far from perfect, and the pair spend most of their time surfing the internet meeting peculiar strangers.

Wyllie’s play is a lot of fun and with some tweaks, could be one to watch.

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