Stepping Off The Edge of the World

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written by Roz Wyllie
directed by Imogen Ashby

Currently available for performance at conferences and events – please contact for further details.


Associate Director: Jane Fallowfield
Designer: Mila Sanders
Sound Designer: Becky Smith
Producer: Ros Terry


Lee Cunningham
Denise Ennis
Jade Small

Everywhere I look there are gates and uniforms. Alarms and keys.
People tapping on desks. Jotting down notes.
Like it’s an ordinary day.
Like this is ordinary.

Stepping Off the Edge of the World follows a year in the lives of three very different women who find themselves in the same prison van. Courtney is familiar with the system, taking nothing seriously; Heidi is a novice, determined to prove she’s nothing like the other residents; Jinna is very far from home, struggling in a system that doesn’t understand her.

Clean Break presents new touring theatre production Stepping Off the Edge of the World, performed by recent graduates of Clean Break’s theatre education programme. The play explores the stories of three very different women responding to their first experience of prison. The twenty minute play is accompanied by a workshop/discussion enabling audiences to explore in more detail the issues raised by the play; this includes a ‘hot-seating’ format, in which the actors respond to questions from the audience in character.

The broad focus of the play and accompanying workshops enables Stepping Off the Edge of the World to speak to many types of audiences and to work in a variety of contexts. The play and workshop package is of interest to criminal justice agencies, women’s organisations, policymakers, probation and staff working with vulnerable women in conferences, seminars and staff training sessions.

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“Dynamic, sensitive and fantastically acted. Poignant and thought-provoking.”

Audience Member, Soho Theatre

“A joy to watch! Interesting and educational – thank you.”

Audience Member, Soho Theatre

“It was inspiring and motivational – gives other women who may be going through the same situation hope.”

Audience Member, Soho Theatre


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